Turn your marketing actions into a data-driven strategy focused on business growth.

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A business strategy tool focused on performance growth.

Building an effective digital strategy it’s never a simple thing to do. Hacktion will give you a comprehensive overview of your planned activities, your ongoing marketing campaigns and your results, and help you building the best performing marketing mix for your service.

Data-driven decisions.

Improve the quality of business decisions and drive your team to adopt a quantitative approach to Marketing and Product Development.

Performance oriented.

Identify KPIs and actionable metrics in order to achieve tangible goals and keep the focus on growth.

Activity management.

Test and validate solutions by optimizing results constantly through the whole customer journey funnel.

Real time reports.

Get access to customized dashboards and reports updated in real time to help you keep track of the relevant activities and KPIs.


Get access to frameworks and templates useful to make data–driven analyses and design new growth strategies.

Better decisions, backed up by real data.

Hacktion will guide you through a real growth hacking process to validate your ideas.


Test your marketing and optimization activities to increase performances and make your offer better fit your customers needs.


Adopt a data-driven approach and understand what actions are really hacks that trigger your growth with frameworks, tips and metrics tracking.


Hacktion will be your Growth Machine, through which you can monitor your digital growth from a strategic observation level.

Hackbot will do the dirty work for you.

In order to let you focus on strategy, Hackbot will help you step by step in its implementation providing you with growth hacking tips and best practices to optimize the performance on every channel you’re going to test.